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Library receives a $10,000 grant from the Virginia H. Farah Foundation

The David Allan Hubbard Library is pleased to announce that it has received a $10,000 grant from the Virginia H. Farah Foundation.

The Library will use the grant to establish the Virginia H. Farah Foundation Orthodox Studies Collection.  These materials will support students doing research on the Orthodox Churches and their contexts as well as strengthen the Library’s overall holdings on Christianity around the world. According to Associate Provost for Library and Information Technology, David Bundy, “We are thrilled that this Foundation so deeply committed to the ministries of the Orthodox Church is partnering with us. The Library’s goal to collect and make available a comprehensive depiction of Christian thought and worship would be impossible without the expertise and generosity of contributors like them.”

Each year the Virginia H. Farah Foundation funds the humanitarian efforts, missionary labor, education, and scholarly work of organizations committed to the Orthodox Church. The Foundation hopes these projects will help spread the Orthodox Christian message while improving the quality of life on earth. For more information, please see



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Library Adds the Jesus People and Hollywood Free Paper Collection

“It began with an encounter, the experience of faith in Jesus Christ among the hippies. Beginning in 1967 many of those formerly involved in the counterculture began to proclaim that their lives had undergone a radical spiritual transformation. Addicts spoke of freedom from drugs, wide-eyed teenagers recounted dramatic healings and miracles, while others joined in choruses of ecstatic utterances wherever two or three devotees were gathered together. Testimony services revealed that something extraordinary was happening.” So wrote David Di Sabatino in The Jesus People: An Annotated Bibliography and General Resource (Jester Media, 2003), a work chronicling a significant moment in the history of Christian revivals “The Jesus People Movement” which was led in part by Duane Pederson, and kindled by the grass roots publication, the Hollywood Free Paper.

And now Fuller’s David Allan Hubbard Library is pleased to announce the establishment of The Duane Pederson, Jesus People International, and Hollywood Free Paper Collection, housed in its Archives and Special Collections. The Collection includes a complete set of all issues of the Hollywood Free Paper, various Jesus People publications, ministry newsletters, correspondence, recordings, films, posters, artwork, memorabilia, and over 15,000 photos preserved by Duane Pederson. Opening receptions will occur on Saturday, May 15th at 2 p.m. in Payton Hall and on Sunday, May 16th at 4:30 p.m. in the Library lobby. All alumni/ae and friends are invited to attend. RSVP to or call 626.304.3744. A portion of the Collection will be on display in the Library lobby from Monday, May 3rd, until Wednesday, June 30th. All are welcome to stop in and view the exhibit. Hippie apparel is encouraged!

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